The thought is Near with a flower crown. The result is Near with a flower crown.


light’s paranoia right out the gate really interests me

like how many teenagers who grow up in nice homes are so paranoid that they routinely leave pencil lead and paper in their doors, set up a doorknob trigger, hide TVs in potato chip bags, and buy porno mags to use as unnecessary enforcements of an image of normalcy?

regardless of the Death Note, all these little, almost reflexive habits suggest light was used to being that secretive and careful 

and the fact that he legitimately thought it was reasonable to say setting up a fiery death trap in his desk was just a deter against nosiness says a lot about what he was like before the notebook



in art class we’re doing illustrations for a book of our choice and naturally I decided on Another Note! :D This is the first of three pictures, done with water colors and fineliner



What fans of L make him look like:


What he really looks like:


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because of x

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Yes, I’ve seen those and it’s a goldmine of food for thought that I haven’t quite sorted out yet, but I’ll do my best to answer this ok

Near, as the only orphan to go through the system and survive for long afterward, would probably be very cautious when dealing with Wammy’s House matters. Everyone who has stayed at the House came out emotionally unstable as a result, and Near himself has got emotional detachment that WH may or may not have caused. (Then there’s Matt, which we don’t know much about, but he 1) worked with Mello and 2) is a hacker, so saying he might be unstable isn’t out of the question).

So obviously, there’s something Near would have to change to ensure that there are psychologically grounded, emotionally stable successors to choose from. Anyone can see that there’s a pattern to how these kids turn out in the end.

What needs to be changed, then? I don’t know probably the fact that they turn out to be carbon copies of L. There’s Beyond for painfully obvious reasons, and then there’s Mello and Near, who have a few traits that are similar to L’s.

And then there’s this, from the one shot:

Instead of going with second nature, Near has to stop his forward motion to think about what L would do in his situation. He’s unsure of himself and his ability to be L (the person, not the job). It may have worked for this ‘case’, but could be detrimental for others, especially if this trait passes down to future heirs. It’s less ‘taking his place as L’, and more ‘becoming L himself’. Great lesson for the kids, you can’t be the greatest detective if you just be yourself, and that’s maybe why they’re so broken to begin with.

THE POINT I’M FAILING TO MAKE HERE IS that L was L because he did whatever the fuck he wanted, dealt with and chose cases as he saw fit. He didn’t have the pressure of expectations or the looming shadow of an ideal predessecor to hold him back, he just solved cases because he was bored like a dumbass—

THE POINT IM FAILING TO MAKE HERE IS that the future successors should have that kind of freedom too. The top few should see the idea of L, and see that as less of a mold they have to mangle themselves to fit into, and more of a basic guideline or a general idea. They’d make their own brand of genius that might even be completely different from L’s.

so to answer your question that i havent answered at all yet, (this is more of a heacanon than an answer really) Near would take what he’d learned from the C-Kira ‘case’ and apply that to the top successors. He’d choose from there which brand of detective would suit the job better. #ARGUEWITHME I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANY OF THIS


i am very invested in the relationship between whammy kids and clothes because

a) near, white pjs while he rolls around on the dirty floor playing with various possibly grimy toys, probably cannot transfer food to mouth with 100% accuracy

b) mello, laces his crotch shut every…

ARTIST: L being british as fuck
TRACK: he called Light love tho

Funny…but “love” is the word for “zero” in tennis scoring.

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First off, I apologize for such low quality! The real gifs (that are tons better in color and quality) are too big for tumblr to accept ;A;

Anyway! I drew Near and animated him using the wonderful program Emofuri! This was a lot of fun to make, I love it ^^

Higher quality: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Normally I’d gush in the tags, but mine aren’t working for some reason so WOW, this is so cool! Your art style really compliments emofuri’s animation process — I could definitely see this in some sort of visual novel game!


I reversed Light Yagami’s laughter and now I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight because of it.