Put the book down, Light.


This was the single coolest thing. Takeshi Obata is the reason I started doing marker work when I worked with SinComix. Getting to meet him was an amazing experience. I hope I don’t get in trouble posting this. He did this in sharpie too…

これ はかっこいい!! 

(it means He’s so cool)

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where’s my college au„,

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misa diddles in between animes


 L “if you aint got no money get yo broke ass home unless theres a large number of victims involved” Lawliet


can you really blame me for doing this






Casual reminder that pre-Kira Light tried to deal with problems by hiding under the covers. 

look at this man. just look at him look at what he was and what he had become my poor baby just look at how scared he was i’m gonna cry

Yea, something they left out of the anime which wasn’t fair to Light. In the manga he really had a hard time dealing with what he was about to get in to, he didn’t just pick it up and go BLAM Imma kill people.

//Except note the text in the bubble. Light’s not hiding from what he did, he’s steeling his courage to do it again. He’s already firmly decided he ought to become Kira. He’s just deciding whether he can—whether he can put his own life on the line to that extent, whether he can harden himself enough to commit the mass-murder he already feels is morally right.

So yes, in this image, he’s terrified. Yes, in both manga and anime, he admits that he lost weight and sleep in the first few days of being Kira. But the fact he talked himself into mass-murder within a day or two of his first kill (remember, he’s already laughing and enjoying himself when Ryuk shows up on day five) rather than immediately going nuts on day one doesn’t make him any less a sociopath. Remember, when Light was stumbling around after his second kill horrified that he’d killed two people, his stated concern wasn’t that he’d done something immoral but that there would/could be consequences for Light. He does indeed have a tendency toward extreme fear (see also: his reaction to defeat), but even in the beginning, his concern is for himself, not the people who suffered from his actions.

Oh I agree he isn’t any less a sociopath, and I completely agree with everything you wrote;  I just thought the manga showed how it took him a bit more to deal with it more than the anime did.  And yea, it did only take him five days to start enjoying what he was doing.  I’m so anti Kira that when I see something sympathetic for him I like to point it out as well, just to be fair.



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I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.