when im watchin death note w/ someone who hasnt seen it and L comes on screen


Death Note art appreciation post.


Friendly reminder that L meditates



I shit you not. I watched 30 episodes in a day 

Good Show 

Good Show 


This is such an interesting moment.

Mello very genuinely shows remorse for what’s going to happen to Soichiro. He doesn’t really have a reason to lie besides creating a distraction, but I think what he was saying before this- “maybe I should have killed you when I had the chance”- was supposed to serve that purpose. Plus, Mello not wanting to kill Soichiro makes sense. After all, just because he’s willing to use any means to achieve his goals (remind you of L, at all?) doesn’t means he’s willing to murder anyone and everyone that threatens him- he’d find a better way to get them out of the picture.

That’s why this is one of the most powerful demonstrations of Mello’s resolve in my opinion, and it chills me to the bone every time. Up until this point, we’ve never seen Mello’s actually kill someone- he didn’t write in the Death Note and any deaths caused by him were indirect. Mello definitely is not the trigger happy, lit fuse killer that some people interpret him as, but this scene tells me without a doubt that if the situation had been reversed, Mello would have written Soichiro’s name in a heartbeat (pun unintended). I think Mello is sorry because he knew that  Soichiro opposed Kira, and so in that sense, they were allies. He knew that Soichiro was just, and he also knew that was why he was going to die, because he wasn’t able to put aside right and wrong and do what is necessary.

That face in the last gif? That’s the face of someone who’s done what has been necessary.


misa diddles in between animes

This refers to Near’s “Welcome, Mello” line. I don’t remember too well, but I think the original line was “Welcome home, Mello.”
Tsugumi Ohba, Death Note: How To Read 13 (On the chapter title for “Greetings”)

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what do you mean mello doesn’t have near senses what are you talking about ??


The thought is Near with a flower crown. The result is Near with a flower crown.


light’s paranoia right out the gate really interests me

like how many teenagers who grow up in nice homes are so paranoid that they routinely leave pencil lead and paper in their doors, set up a doorknob trigger, hide TVs in potato chip bags, and buy porno mags to use as unnecessary enforcements of an image of normalcy?

regardless of the Death Note, all these little, almost reflexive habits suggest light was used to being that secretive and careful 

and the fact that he legitimately thought it was reasonable to say setting up a fiery death trap in his desk was just a deter against nosiness says a lot about what he was like before the notebook



in art class we’re doing illustrations for a book of our choice and naturally I decided on Another Note! :D This is the first of three pictures, done with water colors and fineliner